Wednesday, February 12, 2014

All Kinds of Prayer: Always Pray

Always Pray

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people” Ephesians 6:18.

After Paul talks about putting on the full armor of God in order to stand your ground when evil comes, he says to always pray. To continually grow in your walk with Christ, prayer needs to be a central part of your life. If you only pray when you are with other believers or at church, then it may be an indication that you have a shallow prayer life. Is prayer a daily discipline for you or do you only pray when you are in trouble?

To pray regularly requires discipline. Most people are up and down when it comes to a consistent prayer life. Falling in and out of prayer due to not getting enough sleep, the busyness of life, or just getting distracted could be some of the pitfalls we find ourselves in. Paul mentions “always,” and when broken down in the Greek it can be more accurately translated “at each and every occasion.”

Prayer is not optional for the Christian who is serious about his or her spiritual growth. Let’s all drop the excuses and realize we have the time to do whatever we want to do. If it’s truly in your heart to pray then you will find the time. If it is not in your heart to pray then you have bought into the devil’s lie that it is not important enough. For that I will be praying for you.

Why not start this day out right and stop what you are doing and pray? May God help you to see that consistent prayer is the only prayer to have. Just say no to those things that keep pulling you away from your time in prayer.

This Sunday I will be starting a new series I call, “Defining Moments.” Our lives are marked with major events that define our direction and solidify a certain outcome. There were many moments like that as we see the story develop in the Passion of Jesus toward the cross and resurrection. I am looking forward to worshipping with my church family this Sunday.

Joy in Jesus!

Pastor Mike

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