Wednesday, March 5, 2014

All Kinds of Prayer: God's Amazing Grace

God’s Amazing Grace

“Pray in the Spirit at all times with all kinds of prayers, asking for everything you need. To do this you must always be ready and never give up. Always pray for all God’s people.   — Ephesians 6:18

I have been focusing on Ephesians 6:18 in the last few devotionals. We have seen firsthand how praying always has led the way to a miracle from God’s hand.

On Sunday afternoon, I was visiting Lorna Morse in the hospital when I received a phone call from my daughter telling me that a tragedy has happened at the church. There was an open gym where people were playing basketball. Ron Rook was playing and he felt a little dizzy. He went down on one knee and then collapsed to the ground. Cody was standing near him and saw it unfold. He then yelled for some assistance and Chad Beach and Chris England sprung into action. They were not sure if he was hurt or just playing around at first. After noticing that this was no joke, they immediately began to perform CPR on him. Chad called to his son to call 911 while he bolted to retrieve our AED from the wall beside the kitchen. Ron was not breathing and his heart had stopped. After several minutes of working on him, Ron was revived. The paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital where Ron was instantly engaging in conversation like nothing had ever happened. It was a miracle that unfolded before our eyes.

But that is not the whole story. In 2010, Ron was instrumental in placing the AEDs in our church. We have one located in the main foyer and one in the family life center. Just that morning, Ron checked on each unit and made sure that the batteries were working. Not only that, but Ron made sure that people knew where they were before they started to play basketball that afternoon. He was joking and saying that some of us aren’t so young anymore and may need to know where they are. He said to his son Josiah that he would probably have to be the one to use it since no one else knew how to work them. Fortunately, Chad Beach was familiar with the AED (defibrillator).  As a matter of fact, Ron and Chad had a conversation that morning about those who were prepared to use them.

Some may call these things coincidences. I, and those involved, choose to call them miracles. God’s hand was involved in this all the way through. I am amazed at how God worked every detail out from the very beginning.

As I have been watching all of this unfold, I have been amazed at the grace of God. So many things that have happened have to be directly contributed to people of prayer believing in the power of the Holy Spirit to direct our thoughts and prayers in preparation for a move of God. My favorite saying rings true, “My availability gives God opportunity to do a miracle through me.” It is true. We just have to be prayed up, read up, fed up, stayed up (I’m trying to think of as many ups as I can), and readied up for God to do His best work through us.

Josiah, Ron’s son, was there when all of this transpired. His first response was to pray with his friend Grant for God to be in control. We can learn from our children that our first response to each event in our life should be prayer. I just had a thought. We can all be called, “First Responders,” if we choose to put Jesus first in all we do and say.

Let me be the first to say that this is just scratching the surface of this story. There are so many more pieces to tell from many different angles. It’s all for the glory of God. I believe everyone who is connected with this event will be changed forever. Let’s connect as many as we can so there will be a sweeping revival in the hearts of many. God is so good!

Ron has had a single bypass surgery and is starting on his journey of healing. Pray for him as he continues to be in step with God’s healing hand.

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is the start of the Lent season as we head toward Easter. We will have a special prayer focus tonight from 6:00 – 6:45pm. Come and start it off right. I am looking forward to continuing my series, “Defining Moments: On the Way to the Cross.”

Be a “First Responder” and make a big impact in this world in need of a miracle…

Joy in Jesus!

Pastor Mike

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