Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stay Away From the Skunk

Stay Away From the Skunk

The other night I was lying awake in bed with my windows open. Soon the smell of a skunk began to permeate my room. It was so strong that I thought the foul animal was spraying outside my window. It was bad. After a while, the smell either left or I got used to it.

I began to think how Satan is like a big spiritual “skunk” who is constantly trying to “stink” up our relationship with the Lord. He doesn’t want there to be Christians in the first place, but when people believe in Jesus with their whole heart, he doesn’t just give up. Instead, he tries to drag believers back into sin again. He promises more than what he can produce while wearing a sign, “I promise not to spray anybody.” Unfortunately many Christians believe him!

In Genesis 3, the enemy of our souls took the form of a serpent – a little more frightening than a skunk. He got into conversation with Adam and Eve and questioned their relationship with the Lord. He didn’t say it was all bad, just planted some seeds of doubt while undermining the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He was very clever. Can I say that today he is just as clever if not more?

Do you remember singing the song, “Shut de door, keep out de debil. Shut de door keep the debil in the night. Light de candle everyting’s all right.” It is a great song with deep meaning in a simple way. The words are true. We need to shut the devil out of our lives by making our relationship with the Lord our highest priority. When we put God first in all things, the enemy will have little opportunity to trip you up. It is like driving down the road and seeing evidence of a skunk in the road and swerving to miss so the smell does not touch any part of your car. You may smell that it was present, but you didn’t get any of it on you.

Go to Matthew 4 and see how Jesus quickly diminished the devil’s suggestions and instead brought to mind what God said. Our relationship with Jesus needs to be protected at all costs. Notice how quickly the encounter ended between Jesus and Satan. Some have been hanging around the temptation way too long. The longer we listen to the crafty manipulator of our soul, the more likely we will get used to the smell and fall to his ways. Be on alert today!

Last Sunday we discussed the upcoming renovation starting on October 26. All of the details are in the foyer for the next few weeks. It’s exciting to see this project come together. So far 286 chairs have been committed. Just think of the people’s lives these chairs represent. Exciting days ahead!

Remember that several people gathered this morning on the front row and prayed for you today. I have really enjoyed our time of prayer on Wednesday mornings. May the Lord bless you today as you seek Him with all of your heart.

Joy in Jesus!

Pastor Mike

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